INTERPIPE Company Policy in fighting with bribery, abuse of official position, and stealage: transparent collaboration

At present the fight with bribery, abuse of official position, and stealage has become an integral part of INTERPIPE corporate culture. 

Economic misdeeds, in any of their forms, always prejudice the work and reputation of the Company and promote the development of corruption. This policy has been developed by the INTERPIPE Economic Security Service (ESS) and sets up objectives and tasks for the Company in its fight with bribery, abuse of official position, and stealage. This is a general corporate level document, and its effect covers all companies and industrial assets of INTERPIPE.

This policy concerns all cases or suspicions of the aforementioned offenses, the commitment of which involves both Company employees and consultants, suppliers of products and services, or employees of contracting companies that collaborate with INTERPIPE.

All cases of commitment of such actions will be thoroughly investigated and carried through to their logical conclusion, including, if necessary, initiation of legal actions and institution of disciplinary or criminal proceedings. Neither record of service, nor positions of the suspected persons, or their relationship with the Company will be taken into consideration during the investigation process.

Provisions of the present document concern all employees of the Company and are binding for managers of enterprises and functional departments in all their operations and activities.

We do hope that our collaboration will be effective, mutually beneficial, and transparent. We guarantee confidentiality and impartiality and are ready for a constructive dialogue.

ESS hot line numbers: +38 (056) 790 35 39, +38 (0562) 33 39 20

ESS Manager direct line: +38 (0562) 33 38 20

Helpline e-mail:  
Yours truthfully, INTERPIPE Economic Security Service