Staff development

Practice for students at INTERPIPE industrial assets: focus on the production
The “dry” theory, professed for students at higher education institutions, does not allow them to feel fully comfortable at the production facilities: unfamiliar technologies and complicated processes, “not mentioned” in the text-books, still remain a mystery for a young metallurgist. But now students will find out much more about the operations of INTERPIPE NMPP already at their higher education institutions and will discover the world of the contemporary metallurgy. And all this will happen thanks to their practice at the mill!

INTERPIPE NMPP hosts the manufacturing, technological, and engineering practice for third-year students, while senior students use this facility as the base for their pre-graduation practice.

Selection of students’ graduation theses is not made on some random basis – students choose them in accordance with trends and fields, actual and essential for industrial facilities. After the successful practice and defense of his or her graduation project, a young specialist will be able to start working at the mill, because having gained a sufficient practical base and understanding of the technological and production processes, these young metallurgists will make good progress in realization of their personal potential as fully as possible.

Sharing of experience: under a common denominator
INTERPIPE NMPP does not simply search for gifted young metallurgists, but also changes their attitude towards the education process and develops a qualitatively new level of education and training for these specialists. This responsible process is also based on a number of quite essential components: tours of students and professors around the facility; participation of the Company’s leading experts at scientific conferences, conducted at higher education institutions; efficient development and adjustment of training programs; in-depth training and field-work of lecturers and professors at the production facility; and sharing of experience with mill’s experts.

These tours represent a marvelous opportunity for students and professors of higher education institutions to see the real production process and to assess the quality of the working and personal space for mills’ employees.

Any professor is a guru and coach for a young specialist and has to provide this young person with as much knowledge as possible to ensure the full-fledged work at the facility. Students see the metallurgic production facility through their eyes, and that means professors and lecturers in the first place have to know and understand the specifics of up-to-date technologies and processes in metallurgy. Internship and in-depth training at INTERPIPE NMPP will help higher education institution tutors to get closer to the contemporary metallurgy, meaning that the picture of production and technological processes will be much clearer for students, who will come to INTERPIPE NMPP after the completion of their studies. And sharing of experience with mills’ leading experts will help to bring up local mentors and coaches of the facilities, who will “polish” metallurgical talents right at the working places.

Eat, sleep, and breathe studying
In the framework of collaboration with metallurgical Alma Mater the mill implements another project – all INTERPIPE NMPP employees with the basic higher education have the opportunity to continue their studies to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the National Metallurgy Academy of Ukraine. Employees do not even need to travel too far to become a student of a prestigious higher education institution –visiting selection committees also work at INTERPIPE NMPP.

Today the mill needs lots of “young guns” – initiative and proactive, ready for positive changes and movement towards the career summits. The Company gives proper consideration on the preparation and training of young specialists at core higher education institutions, raises the professional level of lecturers and professors, and provides a great opportunity to see the state-of-the-art metallurgical facility on the inside. But the most important thing is that INTERPIPE NMPP does its best to ensure that every employee has the possibility to get education and training, required realize his or her personal potential as comprehensively as possible.

To learn does not mean just to get knowledge – it also means to become better and more demanded. INTERPIPE NMPP provides you with a magnificent opportunity for professional development and expansion of your horizons. Getting to a higher level is a quite simple thing. Are you ready?