Youth Union

INTERPIPE NMPP youth union “GO FORWARD”: create your own path!

GO FORWARD is a new youth platform at INTERPIPE NMPP. Young people develop and implement projects, directly related to the Company’s activities, and social initiatives, aimed at the popularization of the healthy way of life and help to city residents. They are also involved in development and carrying out of multifarious actions, contests, and events.

GO FORWARD is a unique opportunity for any young employee of the mill to reveal his/her intellectual and creative potential. Young and proactive employees of the Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant required less than a year to prove that a team of like-minded persons, sharing the same ideas and vies, is capable of doing lots of things – the most important is they should get certain support, believe in themselves, and strive for the common goal!

Young and proactive employees of INTERPIPE NMPP are engaged in the work in a number of areas:
  • GO FORWARD to PURE NATURE – implementation of environmental programs;
  • GO FORWARD to SOCIETY – development of an efficient social platform;
  • GO FORWARD to HEALTH - popularization of the healthy way of life; and
  • GO FORWARD to CULTURE – proactive involvement in the city’s cultural life.
GO FORWARD is a team of young initiative like-minded persons, who not only create and represent up-to-date metallurgy, but are also proactively involved in the social and cultural life of the mill and city. 

More information on the GO FORWARD union is available at their official site: