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April 17 at Interpipe NMPP was Cossack Saturday

A tradition for employees Interpipe NMPP was holding spring Saturday. I think you have already visited and a large harvest in 2013, and a volunteer at the Olympic in 2014. And this year, Interpipe NMPP surprised by this factory workers Cossack Saturday.

Impressions were all metallurgists from wind band performances pontoon bridge group: the guys were at the highest level and factory workers charged positive :)

Employees waited themed quizzes and contests. For correct answers received Cossack chips factory workers, who later exchanged for useful stuff for the house. After a productive work in the areas they were supported by the present field kitchen.

And in the final holiday of spring and purity plant workers waited lottery. As we played the lottery blankets, irons, juicer, blender and multivarku, and more - three trips to the factory bus to places of interest Dnipropetrovsk.

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